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Love Island USA aired its fourth season over the summer, but those hoping to revisit the beginning of the reality series can officially do so. Love Island USA Season 1 dropped on Netflix on Dec. 1, and it’s been sitting in the streamer’s Top 10 TV list ever since. Newcomers and longtime fans alike seem to be binging the first outing. But who wins Love Island USA Season 1, and are they still together?
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That’s right, Love Island USA has finally dropped its first season on Netflix — and with prior outings of reality shows being hard to find, that’s an exciting development for fans. Those who missed out on the initial chapter can dive into all the drama at long last. And those missing regular episodes of Love Island USA Season 4 can fill the void with older content.
Of course, there may be viewers who want to skim the first season. And some longtime fans may not remember how things unfolded. So, who wins Love Island USA Season 1? The grand prize went to a pair that clicked almost immediately. Sadly, their romance didn’t last after leaving the villa behind.
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Given their connection from the beginning of Love Island USA Season 1, it’s probably no surprise that Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Wheeler won the reality competition in 2019. The two were the most popular pairing from the first outing, and they took home a whopping $100,000 as a result. (According to NetflixLife, they split the winnings.)
Sadly, the pair didn’t remain together for long after Love Island USA Season 1 ended. E! Online notes that the couple only stuck it out for a few months after leaving the villa, splitting before 2019 was through. The pair shared updates on social media, though they didn’t go into depth about the reason for their breakup. It seems to have happened on civil terms. And hey, at least they walked away with a win.
The winners from Love Island USA Season 1 are no longer together, and that goes for the rest of the cast as well. According to Metro, none of the couples from the first outing remain romantically involved as of 2021. The runner-ups, Dylan Curry and Alexandra Stewart, parted ways after months of dating outside the villa. Weston Richey and Emily Salch also ended things, as did Ray Gantt and Caro Viehweg.
That may put a damper on a rewatch of Love Island USA Season 1, but the first batch of episodes still holds up otherwise. Viewers can return to the beginning starting Dec. 1.
Love Island USA Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.
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