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TRAVELOver 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Chico's sweater with jewels and black corduroy jeggings When it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve, I have several different moods. I might go out on the town dancing and watch the ball drop, enjoy a quiet dinner with friends, or curl up on the couch in front of the fire. There have been many years where I’m in bed by 10 pm, and the ball still manages to drop without me. This year Joe and I are going to eat at a nice restaurant to celebrate, and this is going to be what my New Year’s Eve style will look like.

  Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Chico's sweater with jewels and black corduroy jeggings4 Not only am I going to be showing you my New Year’s Eve style, but I’m linking up with several of my blogging besties, who will also be sharing their looks. You’ve heard me talk about these ladies many times before, and that’s because they are each so fabulous. I met Jennifer, Jo-Lynne, and Deborah in person for the first time in Nashville in 2019. They have quickly become good friends who are willing to lend a helping hand, which is hard to find in this industry. If Jennifer and I don’t talk once a day, I worry about her. Lol! We all have different styles, which is great for you since you will get to experience a wide variety of styles and price points.
I can’t wait to see their outfits, but for now, let’s take a look at mine. For my New Year’s Eve style, I want some bling. There have been years where I’ve dressed in head-to-toe sequins or satin pajamas, and both styles work for me. Adding just a tiny bit of bling, such as jewelry, can make me feel more festive.
This year, I’m going to be dressing in black and white. Black and white is a classic color combination that always looks elegant, chic, and sophisticated. When in doubt about what to wear, you can always fall back on this combination and look appropriate. Since I have a need for bling, adding this Jeweled V-Neck Sweater makes me happy. This sweater is fabulous, and I don’t just mean the appearance. It is a nice-weight sweater with a fine gauge knit that looks and feels very expensive.
Part of the fun of being a blogger is that you get to change clothing in the back of a car and take photos on the street as people stare at you. I ended up leaving my earrings in the car, so I’ll link to them and a few others that you might like.

I was afraid the embellished jewels would be so heavy that they would pull and weigh the sweater down. I’m pleasantly surprised that isn’t the case, and it hangs perfectly. This sweater is perfect for the holidays, but you could wear it with jeans for any occasion. I’m wearing my usual size 1, and it fits me great.
I’ve worn these Stretch Corduroy Jeggings several times. I styled them three ways for the holidays and in a post showing you how to wear black and brown together for the holidays. If the word “jeggings” strikes fear in your heart, you are not alone! I hesitated to order these black corduroy jeggings, but I’m so glad I did. I consider these slim straight pants instead of a jegging, and I’m wearing my usual size 8.
The black Rhinestone Hobo Bag is one that you can carry for any special occasion. It is small with the hobo slouch that keeps the rhinestone bag from feeling too dressy or stuffy. This is one that I bought from Amazon because I didn’t want to pay $500 for the Cult Gaia bag. I feel like this style is a trend that might disappear, so I’ll make do with the less expensive version.
These Sateen Embellished Slingback Pumps are beautiful! I loved them so much that I also bought them in bright pink, and I got a lot of compliments on them. However, both the black and pink are sold out, so I found some that you might like instead.

 Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Chico's sweater with jewels and black corduroy jeggings61 Don’t forget to check out Jo-Lynne, Jennifer, and Deborah to see what they are wearing. They always looks fantastic, and I know you will love their style. Here is a graphic you can pin on Pinterest.Pinterest Pin for New Year's Eve Style Whenever you SHARE my posts on PINTERESTINSTAGRAMYOUTUBE, AND FACEBOOK, it helps other ladies who might be style challenged to find my blog. I appreciate every one of you, and I consider you a friend.
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I just love your blog and your YouTube channel. It’s my escape to a happy place!
Love all of the options you mention to tweak the “look” depending on the plan, thanks for the inspiration!
That white jeweled sweater is so pretty !
Tania…your jeweled sweater and shoes are absolutely gorgeous! You look so pretty.
Hey Tania!!
This New Year’s Eve is the 38th Anniversary of our Engagement! The night I said yes and changed the course of our lives and the eternity of my soon to be husband and his parents! Big heady divine appointment! So this year I bought a red velvet fit & flare from Penney’s and will wear my taupe suede pumps with my pearls! Happy New Year’s 22/23!!!
Love the black sequin outfit and champagne glass sweater! I will be wearing emerald green m faux leather pants.
Love the black and white outfit. Chicos has such nice clothes. You wear the sweater much better than the model. I would buy it now after seeing it in you.
You look great in the white sweater embellished with rhinestones. I like that the placement of the rhinestones are not symmetrical on the shoulder.
I love the black jeggings. They look so good without everything you’ve styled them with.
Love them all!
Love the Black and White together! My problem is my Feet stay cold, any suggestions on different shoes to wear with this outfit??
You sparkle on the inside and out! Love your blog, look for the verses each day ❤️
Love the pants! and a nice dinner on Christmas Eve sounds lovely.
Love the black and white! I did see that sweater in the store and it’s gorgeous!
Such pretty options!
I love the entire outfit. Great choice for dinner out or a party!
I am with Jennifer on a lower heal these days. Perhaps a kitten heel.
Beautiful outfit!! I love the sweater. It’s just the right amount of bling. Going to check out your blogger friends posts now.
Love all of your outfits, and the Word of God! I’m thinking here on the Oregon Coast, my NYE outfit will most resemble your Soma pajamas outfit! Most places here where I live close up by 8 p.m.-a stark difference than living in So. CA! 😆 Usually a cozy evening by the fire, and watching a holiday movie on t.v. is on the agenda here.
I love that your photographer would rather be in the car with you as you change clothes then freeze to death. that is just so funny! and is one of the big reasons I just dearly love to read your blog. not only are the clothes great but you make me smile.
The black and white outfit is elegant, just perfect for a celebrating of any kind! Thanks for sharing your friends’ ideas as well.
Thanks for all you do to bring us your your blog each week, i.e. changing clothes in your car😂
I have always loved black and white. These are fabulous ideas. I am also enjoyed checking out your blogger friends. Thanks.
Perfect NYE outfit!
Nice outfit! Those shoes are so pretty!
I love the black and white.
Love the corduroy jeggings!
Love the outfits
I love all the bling. You are ready for New Year’s Eve.
I love these holiday looks.
My birthday is New Year’s Eve so we always go out to dinner! I always wear a subtle sparkly top with jeans and black boots. And also, a pair of sparkly drop earrings. Thanks for featuring several earring choices. I love the bows with cubic zirconias.
I love those Kate Spade earrings. I need that sweater with the champagne glasses!
You find the most amazing fun fashions.
I love the entire outfit, you always style items well and I look forward to seeing each day what is on the list.
I’ve been changing to more black & white for the 4 seasons. I’ve found that I don’t have too supplement with more clothes by using what I have. Besides, black & White always looks classy.
Love the sweater and the corduroy jeggings!! Chico’s has very beautiful clothes always!! Have a great Thursday!!
We’ve stopped going out on New Year’s Eve years ago. So I am more of the satin pj type. But honestly, I don’t even dress it up like that at home anymore. But it is a nice idea to look nice for the evening. All the styles are great and look good on you. I might try the fancy pj’s. LOL
Love the white sweater with the gray floral pattern. Such a pretty outfit. You look great.
I follow all 4 bloggers everyday. Your style is closest to mine. Great ideas for New Year’s. Thanks for all you do to keep me in style in my 60’s.
I’m not sure if this qualifies as leaving a comment on your blog, but just wanted you to know how much I love the ecru sweater. I ordered it in both medium and large since I’ve put on a few pounds. We’ll see if the medium still works!
I love your black and white look! The other options that you shared would be perfect for me, too. Dressy or not…a classy look for any occasion. I enjoyed the styles of the other bloggers, too.
Thank you!
The black shoes are gorgeous! I love💙💚💜❤️the white sweater as well as the sparkling outfit! Thank you for taking the time for the blog!!!
Love all the sparkle!
Great dupe purse for so much less! Love all the color choices it comes in. You will look dazzling on New Year’s Eve. Shine on Tania!
Classy looks😊
Wish I could still wear heels🤔
Oh MY Gosh…that duster is amazing. Looks great and it comes in 2 colors.
I love a black and white look. You look fabulous and those shoes are gorgeous.
Every thing you styed today are very chic or chic and comfortable. I would enjoy wearing any of them, if I only had somewhere to go. lol So I’ll probably be wearing pjs.
Love the white sweater. We dress casual and go out to dinner . We used to go with friends , but now most of them are babysitting for their grands.
Thanks for keeping this 60 something current with her wardrobe. In addition love your Sunday post they are very inspiring. Some how the daily Bible verses seems to always touch a note for my daily life.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL pictures and suggestions today.
You sparkle!
Love your outfit. The only thing I would change is the hobo bag. It seems to drag down the outfit. This is just my personal preference, but I’d like to see a little more structure. All your friends look beautiful! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!
Oops, I just commented that the silver bow-tie blouse is from Ann Taylor, but it is actually from the Loft. I just went back to admire it again😉
I love all the bling!! Unfortunately, we never go anywhere “blingy “, so I’m limited in what I can buy. That sweater speaks to me, and I love that it can be dressed up or down. There is a silver bow-tie blouse from Ann Taylor that I’m in love with – I’d look cool wearing that to run errands!
Gorgeous outfits and love the pjs. The backdrops for your photo shoots are just beautiful.
Love the whole outfit!! The shoes are so pretty ( unfortunately I’d break a hip or leg if I tried to wear them 😳but I love them!,)
So many great options – even if you are staying on the couch, I love that you can “feel” celebratory in satin! Thanks for the reminder.
You AND your friends have lovely style. I follow all of you.
I love your sassy style!!
I’m a “newbie” to your site but look forward to seeing it everyday!!
Love all the looks. I would wear the embellished sweater. I faithfully read your blogs daily. They are well written. It’s like a girlfriend who loves clothes too giving you a daily update.
So many great ideas for NYE from you and your blogger friends. I think I like your white sweater for my New Year’s Eve. Ive checked and they still have my size. Thanks again for another great post and including more ideas from your friends
Glad I’m not the only one in bed before the ball drops! Lol! I’m loving the Pj’s!
I love all the sequins !!
Your sequin outfit is absolutely fabulous and fun! I’m most likely to be wearing those comfy pjs and sitting by the fire New Year’s Eve!
Love this post! Tania, you look amazing. You have inspired so many women, including me to step out of our comfort zones and try trendy outfits. Thank you for making 50+ look great! Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and New Year!
Those shoes!
The white sweater is so pretty! Simple & elegant.
I love the back and white outfit.The sweater is gorgeous!
Beautiful, beautiful classy ideas! I especially like the first photo. Since we will be staying in, I’m thinking I will probably go for the black pj’s . Love your style ideas !
That was so fun checking out the other bloggers choices and of course yours! Your outfit looks like something you will feel dressed up in but also be comfortable. At 65 I like the dressier look at times but not willing to sacrifice comfort anymore. Great job by all the ladies today!
Love the sweater! Just the right amount of bling!
Lovely jewel sweater Tania! It has a soft look to it . Simply lovely.
Love the corduroy pants!!
Your outfit is beautiful! It is not fussy. Just perfect to be comfortable and stylish. I have a sweater with pearls that you reminded me I need to pull out that would make a great outfit for New Year’s. Happy Holidays!
So many gorgeous outfits! I will probably be in sweats or jammies since my hubby will most likely be working and I have nobody else to go out with. That’s ok with me!!
I really, really enjoyed your post and seeing the other bloggers styles! Thank you!
I love your classic combination of black and white. I just wish I could wear high heels because those shoes are awesome!
Love all the New Year’s Eve looks! I will probably end up in those pajamas!
Tania, I really like your outfit and I think it has the perfect amount of bling. The bonus is that the pieces can be worn throughout the year. I jumped on Nordstrom via your link to order the champagne bottle earrings and another bling pair from Baublebar that is 60% off. Both should arrive before Christmas. Since we will be out of town with family on NYE, I decided I need the earrings. Have a fabulous day!
Tania, Your sweater is so pretty! I am glad to hear that the jewels don’t weigh-down the sweater. I thought the same thing. You look lovely.
That sweater is so beautiful! Love the black and white pieces.
Love the embellished sweater from Chico’s! All of the outfits are good ones!
Enjoyed seeing other bloggers’ posts, but you are more my style.
Love the white sweater with the jeggings. Always afraid of corduroy but might be worth a try.
You wear it all well! Thank you for introducing your friends 🎄
Love all the outfits!
You look great in the date outfit and truly shine in the sequin outfit! I really like both! I am at the point where I do not want to wear skinny heels, and am excited you provided an option with the wider (for me, more stable!) heels, as I think the rhinestone bows are fabulous. Thanks for great ideas!
I love your outfits, all the bling is so fun. It’s the best time of the year to have fun with our wardrobes. And those shoes are fabulous! I envy you being able to wear them. I don’t think I could even get across the room in them 🤣 The sequin bag is adorable, I might need that one. Talk later girlfriend. You’re the absolute best! xo
Pretty stuff! So nice that you collaborate and support your fellow bloggers! Women need to uplift and support each other! I do have a question about wearing dusters or long sweaters and coats. Do you carry the duster etc separate do it doesn’t hang below your coat when you are going to and from your venue? Thx in advance for your response
Jennifer, I would probably keep the duster on underneath a long coat. It would be too much trouble to take it off and carry it. Lol!
I love the satin pajamas and I think I want those corduroy leggings in every color .
I love the satin pajamas and I’m especially interested in the corduroy leggings , that’s a definite win .
That sequin duster looks really glam and I love the way you have done head-to-toe sequins. Looks like you are ready to party! Cheers!
Love the sweater! just the right amount of bling for me!
Beautiful, classic holiday outfit. The sweater is stunning on person. I bought the pants a few months ago when you featured them in tan. By far, my favorite Talbots pants. The fit is so perfect that I just ordered them black while the sales still going on!
You look so polished in your outfits. I appreciate seeing the multiple ways to wear the pieces.
Wow thanks Tania!
It’s been years since we’ve gone out on New Years Eve, but I do always appreciate a little sparkle and bling! My actual stay at home on the couch sweatshirt has a glittery graphic, lol. I can bling in my own house! 🙂
You look wonderful in this outfit!
love the shoes with the bows, but we’re kind of boring, stay at home folks.
Enjoyed the holiday looks especially the black tee from Chico’s.
I love the Kendra Scott
Cross necklace. Such a beautiful accessory that can compliment any look.
Love those shoes!!
What great outfits you and the girls are showing to wear for the new year. I especially like the shoes you are wearing. They would look great to wear for an upcoming wedding.
I love your blog. I love the variety of things you have put on your blog, clothes that I can afford, and your bible verse that you add.
You rock!!!!
Another great post. I love the jeggings!
Yes you are ready for new years! Great festive outfits!
I love all of the New Year’s outfits you had on. I wear the exact same size as you in everything so it’s nice to imagine myself in your style of clothing. Thank you for your uplifting messages!
Love that you included pajamas that’s what I will be wearing.
I LOVE the sequin outfit. I’m all about the glitz!
All of your looks are gorgeous (as always). Pajamas is more my NYE style. We haven’t gone out in years.
Love these looks, especially the jeweled sweater!
Very pretty, I love the black shoes!
I love your new year’s outfits but I think I would be overdressed wearing them at home! 😂
I love the sequin outfit, particularly fascinated by the duster. What a show stopper!
You hit the bulls eye with perfect outfits. I would definitely wear the jeweled sweater with a pair on jeans. I’m always excited to welcome a new year.
Those pumps are amazing! Love all of your looks.
Thanks! That means a lot coming from you.
my bank account shows I have been ordering to much since I have been folllowing you.. I do love this sweater.. would work for most anything.. I do love those wreaths in the back ground.. Have a great holiday.
Lol! Pat, I get those kinds of comments all the time. While your bank account might be suffering, I bet your closet is HAPPY!
Love the sequin duster… the entire outfit is a must for New Years!!!!
Love all of your picks. Thanks for sharing!
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