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9th Dec, 2022
Whilst it simply cannot be denied that sports betting, with its free betting offers UK, US and other countries provide, is the bread and butter for punters and sportsbooks alike, there are a number of burgeoning betting options becoming available to gamblers that don’t involve sport.
Casino games such as roulette and poker have been big hitters in the market in recent years, whilst online slots are incomparable when it comes to instantaneous gambling. Old favourites such as bingo also have a place within the congested marketplace too, but casino betting isn’t for everyone.
Entertainment betting has burst onto the market in recent years, with the clamour for being able to bet on the latest happenings in the entertainment world and current affairs, seemingly as strong as the need for sports bets amongst the general public. Bookmakers are serving up their best betting offers not only for sports, but across a range of entertainment betting options, and it has become an integral part of the offering many sportsbooks and bookmakers provide for their customers.
With the appeal of entertainment betting growing amongst both seasoned and rookie punters, there are plenty of opportunities within the entertainment betting industry for players to get involved with.
Here is a rundown of how to embrace the entertainment betting options available on the market:
Betting on Reality TV Shows
The jewel in the crown as far as entertainment betting is concerned is reality TV. Much like sports betting, most reality TV shows are spread out over a set period of time and in general, they have a winner. A format that is not only tried and tested within the world of reality TV but is also transferrable to the world of betting.
Some of the most popular options within the entertainment betting sphere in the UK are reality TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here and the Masked Singer. All three programmes generate huge viewing figures and whilst the result is often ascertained by a public vote, people are able to bet on the outcome of a series or individual show, in much the same way as in the world of sports betting.
In a continued similarity to the world of sports betting, entertainment betting has also seen its roster develop hugely in recent times too, with all genres covered, from dating shows to dancing contests, reality TV is a broad spectrum and that is reflected in the influx in betting opportunities now available within the industry.
Betting on Award Winners
In the entertainment industry, there is plenty of weight placed on the awards that are given out on an annual basis and whilst there is always plenty of conjecture around these awards, they do present great opportunities for entertainment betting fans.
From the glitz and the glamour of the Oscars, through to domestic events such as the BAFTA’s, every major award event has an associated betting market, where gamblers can look to predict which films or TV programmes will be collecting awards on the evening.
Another key element of the award winner betting market is the ability to bet ante-post, with plenty of actors or films finding their way into the public psyche at different times of the year, meaning punters can look to predict who will be claiming awards in a few months’ time and can look to back them too.
Betting on Music
Whilst the appeal and intrigue surrounding the music charts in the UK and beyond certainly isn’t what it once was, many bookmakers still accept bets on which song will be heading to number 1 in the charts on any given week.
Particularly around Christmas time, a huge amount of scrutiny is placed upon the latest hits and which artists will be in the battle to have a coveted Christmas number one on their CV.
This trend takes place both in the singles chart and in the album chart, with both markets presenting opportunities for punters to back a song or album that they believe could be top of the pops at Christmas.
Entertainment betting has become a very broad church in recent years, with more and more options becoming available and with a plethora of betting opportunities within it, it has become part of the fabric for most online bookmakers. You can look through their full list at Legalbet.UK to find ones with the best offers.
Article written by Amelia Cooper.
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