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Have you ever wanted to be inside your favorite film, living out the thrilling adventure yourself? Now you can, starting this Friday, as Universal Orlando Resort debuts its newest attraction, Universal’s Great Movie Escape. 
Located at Universal CityWalk, this escape room adventure immerses guests in two experiences from iconic franchises, Jurassic World: Escape and Back to the Future: OUTATIME. For about one hour, guests of all ages will have to team up to solve challenges in each of the eight detailed, multi-sensory environments to complete their final mission. They’ll be led through the story by a helpful digital guide. 
“We set out to create this next-level experience unique to the escape room industry,” Nate Stevenson, show director with the Creative Development Group at Universal Orlando Resort, told USA TODAY. “We wanted to give people a level of gameplay story immersion that they’ve never experienced before.” 
The attraction is also wheelchair accessible and can accommodate others who may need assistance.
The creative team behind the new multi-sensory attraction worked with escape room industry experts and the filmmakers behind the famous franchises to create the scripts and details in the rooms. For example, Jurassic World: Escape puts guests in the same timeline as the first film and uses video graphics, audio snippets, and architecture from it, TJ Mannarino, vice president of Entertainment Art & Design at Universal Orlando Resort, told USA TODAY. For the Back to the Future-inspired adventure, Christopher Lloyd even came back to reprise his role as Doc Brown for the attraction.
Even if this is your first escape room experience or your 100th, Stevenson said your attention will be captured the entire time.
“In every room, there’s different challenges and they’re leveled,” Stevenson said. “It really runs the gamut so that everybody has a really fun experience in here.”
If you’re more advanced at escape rooms, you can unlock more parts of the story during the challenges. Rest assured, beginner players will still find the baseline experience really immersive, too. 
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To keep guests on their toes, even if they managed to escape, the rooms randomize the answers and plot points each time so that no visit is the same. 
The challenges were also made to engage your entire group as well and can size the experience based on how many players there are, according to Mannarino. “It really becomes a shared experience. When you do things together and you share that experience, you have a lot more to talk about afterward.”
This is a separately ticketed experience not valid for theme park admission. Tickets are on sale online and start at $49.99 plus tax per person for one of the two themed experiences. Each group can have up to six guests and may play with other parties.
A private experience for up to eight people will start at $300 plus tax. The escape room is located in an art deco-style theater and guests are encouraged to visit the bar and lobby. 
Inspired by the first film of the series, guests are placed in a secret lab on Isla Nublar as geneticists trained to do tasks like feed dinosaurs and slice dinosaur DNA. Then guests learn an apex predator has escaped and is loose on the island “and now they must work together to avoid becoming its prey,” according to the Universal Orlando Resort website
To complete the mission, players save all the guests on the island. 
According to Stevenson, the story for the Back to the Future-inspired adventure picks up where the second film ends. “It kind of creates a new canon,” he said.
Guests are taken back in time to 1993 and start off in a museum where they discover that Biff, the antagonist from Back to the Future, has stolen Doc Brown’s latest time travel device and wants to mess up the space-time continuum.
The players travel through time as they try to find Biff before they “run ‘outatime.'”


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