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Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat – Manchester is home to an incredible variety of social media influencers who are making their mark and shaking up the digital world. With over 30 million people living in this global creative hub, the city is bursting with opportunities for aspiring digital wizards to carve out a career as successful influencers. 
In this blog post, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at what it takes to make it as a social media influencer in Manchester – from influential personalities you need to know, to essential tips on how to network like a pro and must-have kit that will help you get ahead. So join us right here if you’re keen on joining the distinguished circle of Manchester Social Media Influencers!
Influencers are everywhere these days – it’s hard to open up your Instagram and not see one diligently trying to give their followers life hacks, decorating tips, or just the latest gossip.  At first glance, they may look like savvy social media stars ready to give you all the advice you need, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find that an influencer is more than just another face on your timeline.  It’s a strategic approach to marketing that pays off; studies show that users are more likely to trust someone they know, even if it’s just through pixels on the screen.
Many influencers take great pride in their appearance and have been known to have cosmetic alterations such as lip fillers or getting a boob job in Manchester to help make a good impression.
This is great news for both brands and consumers;  companies have access to a wide selection of niche markets with influencers as their go-to experts, plus those who follow them can get exclusive insights into products that might otherwise slip through their fingers without any notice.  So next time you’re scrolling, take a moment to thank the global team of influencers working hard out there – we owe ’em!
Victoria Magrath, better known as In the Frow, is an influential blogger and Youtuber originating from the UK. With her unique style and eye for detail, she has become incredibly popular amongst fashionistas all around the world. 
What makes Victoria truly stand out is her ability to inspire readers and viewers alike with characteristic wit. From daring fashion looks to lifestyle tips, it’s no wonder many consider her a major trendsetter! With glamorous events in London and Milan, an ever-growing social media presence, and a series of collaborations with big-name brands – it’s hard not to be inspired by this lovely influencer!
With hundreds of thousands of followers and fans, Rachel Leary has truly made a name for herself as an influencer. Hailing from Surrey but now living it up in Manchester, this multi-talented YouTube star has proved she’s here to stay with her highly engaging and entertaining content. 
From makeup tutorials to monthly favorites to vlogging daily updates, Rachel covers it all on her main platform YouTube.  Add in some cooking videos over on Instagram, plus that October 2021 launch of her adult-content podcast ‘Rated R’, Rachel’s showing us there’s nothing she can’t do!
Megan Ellaby is quite the influencer. After studying Fashion Communication and Promotion, she landed a job at ASOS and went on to create her own fashion brand, ‘Saturday by Megan Ellaby’ – and deservedly won both Instyle’s Best Fashion Blogger award and Cosmopolitan’s Best Fashion Influencer in 2016.  
Warning, the ’70s is Megan’s jam: when you check out her content you’ll be wooed with a rollercoaster of color, silliness, and an overall vibrant flare that one can only guess it all inspired by an era of groovy music.  
As a mum these days, too, she never fails to share her heartwarming family moments while staying ever stylish as usual.  That’s why people love her – no matter how many decades we’ve gone through since the ’70s.
Star Holroyd made her name on TikTok, becoming known for captivating content about UK culture, complete with a commissioned series dedicated to British slang. Taking her success one step further, she has accrued multiple social media channels, each boasting quite a ravenous following.  
As a result of these accomplishments, Star has solidified herself as an influencer among influencers. With a witty and vibrant tone of voice, she posts regular images about her journey and business behind content-creating – radiating an eclectic and colorful style in the process. Making waves across the various platforms she engages in, it’s safe to say that Star is here to stay for the long haul!
Tom Cassell, popularly known as ‘The Syndicate’, is a phenomenon in the gaming industry – in 2010 he had already become an internet influencer by streaming live games and posting gaming content. 
With his three YouTube channels – Syndicate, Life of Tom, and Syndicate RoyaleFortnite – as well as his expansive Twitch account and sizable Instagram following, it’s no surprise that this one-time gaming enthusiast has been able to tap into fame and success.
If you’re looking for behind-the-scenes tidbits about Tom’s pleasure-filled days off from work or what seems like never-ending holidays all around the world, then Life of Tom is the account for you! What started off as a mere hobby has now become an empire; many people look up to The Syndicate as an example of how to make it on the world wide web.
Kimberly Hart Simpson is an influencer to be reckoned with. With over 100K followers, the Coronation Street star has earned a reputation for being not only glamorous but also thrifty. She actively encourages her followers to invest in charity shops and recently unveiled her own upcycling venture called Hartwork.  
After having recently appeared on Celebs Go Dating, Kimberly glammed up screen imagery with cut-price charity shop finds, proving once again that you don’t need big bucks to look good!  
Her message of sustainability is paying off too – she proudly presents her fashion finds across all of her online platforms.
Onyi Moss is quite the influencer. Having started her fashion journey with a degree in accounting, Onyi has since set her sights higher and graciously accepted invitations to 10 Downing Street and won the Cosmopolitan Fashion Influencer Award! 
 Even though she’s now a successful content creator, Onyi recognizes the value of her accounting skills and uses them as smart leadership when running multiple online platforms. Her style also reflects her values – classic, timeless, and sustainable- giving a breath of refreshing air in this fast-paced world of fashion.
Manchester-based influencer Molly-Mae Hague is no newcomer to the spotlight – with her win in Love Island 2019 and now, an appointment as Creative Director for PrettyLittleThing, she’s made a name for herself as a major fashion icon. 
The former reality star serves up all things uber-luxurious on her Instagram page – think dreamy getaways in the Maldives and daring hair transformations, making Molly-Mae’s portfolio equal parts inspiring and envy-inducing! There’s obviously more to Molly-Mae than just your typical influencer – with so many creative ventures under her belt, she most definitely lives up to her title.
Luke and Tyler, the dynamic duo behind the popular travel blog thetwobohemians, are more than just your typical influencers. These two globetrotting adventurers have built an empire out of their shared love of travel and their vibrant personalities. 
Combining their nomadic lifestyles with their eye-catching content, they offer a one-of-a-kind peek into some of the most beautiful places around the world. With over 500 thousand Instagram followers and 150 thousand YouTube subscribers, these two bohemians have become Internet sensations who appeal to people of all ages. 
Whether you’re a thrill seeker looking for captivating travel tips or someone stuck in quarantine wishing they could jet off somewhere new, follow Luke and Tyler on their never-ending journey around the world!
Lucy Mecklenburgh isn’t your average influencer. Her Mancunian status is granted not by birth, but by marriage – or rather, impending marriage – to reality star Ryan Thomas. The couple have recently taken the plunge and invested in real estate in Cheshire.  
Making her name on the ITV2 show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, Lucy didn’t stop there when it comes to securing herself a firm place of influence; she has ventured into parenting tips,  fitness routines, and nutrition plans utilized through her own business platform, ‘Results Wellness Lifestyle’. Not bad for someone you might have thought wasn’t a Manc!
Danielle Fogarty is more than just the daughter of superbike racer Carl Fogarty- she’s a fashion influencer, boutique co-owner, and loving new mum. 
The stylish star is dating British TV personality Ross Worswick, and together they make one fashionable family!  With her fashion-related content and funny snaps on Instagram, Danielle has become quite the social media sensation. Not to mention, she and her sister Claudia recently opened up their very own boutique!  
So whether you are looking for wardrobe inspiration or just an inside look at their wonderfully chic world, there’s no doubt that Danielle’s content is the perfect mix of fun-filled and fashionable.
Tom Carter of nomadlad is a modern-day influencer. He has made the most of his wanderlust to explore 93 countries so far, inspiring countless others along the way with his Instagram account and blog. His mission? To document new cultures, capture amazing shots, and find new stories all around the world. 
Tom is living, quite literally, the life that many dreams about! His website gives readers insight into what it means to be an explorer in this digital age — whether through photos from overnight treks in quiet Middle Eastern villages or from epic train rides across lush South American rainforests. Tom has something for everyone when it comes to an adventure of a lifetime.
From the glitterati of fashion to the top tips of health and fitness, Manchester’s most influential influencers have it all covered. With the perfect blend of self-promotion and strategy, these social media champions are able to extend the reach of any brand, boosting visibility and sales alike.

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