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The Virtual Influencer Survey by the Influencer Marketing Factory
NEW YORK, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Virtual influencers are fictional characters generated using computer graphics software and created to have their own personalities, interests, and unique personas. These digital characters have generated large followings on many different social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more.
The Influencer Marketing Factory has been seeing more and more virtual influencers used for brands' influencer marketing campaigns and expects to see this market grow with influencer marketing. On Instagram, there are already 35 verified virtual influencers. Additionally, per a HypeAuditor study, "Virtual Influencers have almost three times more engagement than real influencers. That means that followers are more engaged with virtual influencers' content."
The Influencer Marketing Factory completed a survey of 1,000+ American responders, ages 18 years or older in March 2022. The survey studied the experiences, opinions, and interests of virtual influencers. This survey was focused on understanding users' preferences on where they follow virtual influencers and why they follow them. As well as understanding how likely users are to trust a virtual influencer for a product or service recommendation and if they have done this in the past.
After analyzing the results of the virtual influence exclusive survey, The Influencer Marketing Factory narrowed down five main findings. Which include:
58% of users follow at least 1 virtual influencer
24% of users not following virtual influencers didn't even know they existed
27% of users follow virtual influencers for their content, 19% for the storytelling, and 15% because they inspire them
35- to 44-year-old users are the cluster of people who are the most trusting (6.5/10) and find virtual influencers relatable (6.2/10), compared to other age groups
Only 35% of responders said they have ever bought a product or service promoted by a virtual influencer
Learn more about the findings on virtual influencers and even more insights in The Influencer Marketing Factory's infographic:
About The Influencer Marketing Factory:
The Influencer Marketing Factory is a global full-service influencer marketing agency that helps brands engage with Gen Z and Millennial audiences on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

Contact: Amy Collins
Company: The Influencer Marketing Factory
Phone: (800) 469-9753
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Image 1: The Virtual Influencer Survey by the Influencer Marketing Factory

The Virtual Influencer Survey by the Influencer Marketing Factory

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The Virtual Influencer Survey by the Influencer Marketing Factory

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