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Tenerity, a global loyalty and engagement company, today announced that its Connect platform will power the new and improved Santander Boosts program.
Santander Boosts utilizes the full suite of Connect and gives Santander’s Current Account customers the opportunity to access exclusive rewards and save money through Tenerity’s extensive set of cashback offers, coupons, discounts, prize draws, and more.
Connect is a loyalty and rewards platform that enables companies to engage their customers with intelligence-based offers. With a foundation in machine learning and analytics, Tenerity’s Connect combines content, user, and marketing intelligence to deliver powerful personalization. As customers continue to interact with Santander Boosts, they will see increasingly more personalized offers based on their preferences and will have opportunities to enter prize draws for money-saving rewards. In addition, Tenerity’s platform can optimize ‘revenue generating’ vs ‘paid for’ content based on each customer’s value to maximize the commercial outcomes of loyalty.
“Santander Boosts represents a compelling program that will keep banking customers engaged. It is a great example of how financial institutions can use exceptional offers, gamification, and intelligence to connect with their customers and help them save money. Santander will drive retention and advocacy, while customers will benefit from everyday savings — which is especially top of mind given the current economic environment,” stated Greg Miller, CEO of Tenerity. “Tenerity is thrilled to power the experience and help Santander launch this best-in-class loyalty program.”
Santander Boosts launched November 17, 2022, and replaced Retailer Offers for Santander’s UK and Northern Ireland debit and credit card customers.
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