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The 2022 midterm elections haven’t fully wrapped up since the last “Saturday Night Live” episode three weeks ago, so naturally the sketch comedy show took some jabs at the Georgia Senate runoff
The latest “SNL” cold open featured Republican candidate Herschel Walker meeting with a group of prominent members of his party to discuss strategy leading up to Tuesday’s runoff election: Sen. Mitch McConnell (James Austin Johnson), Sen. John Cornyn (Mikey Day) and Sen. Marsha Blackburn (Cecily Strong). 
“Well Herschel, the midterms wasn’t the red wave we were hoping for, but we think you can win this Tuesday,” Cornyn says. 
“I’m good at those. My ex-wife says all I do is run off,” Walker replies.  
As the four discuss strategy for bringing Walker’s polling numbers up, McConnell notes that the state has already started counting votes by mail. 
“Right, but they also have to count votes by female,” Walker chimes in. 
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Ultimately, the group decides they should “lay low and focus on the message” in the final campaign push.
“Exactly, like Kanye,” Walker says, referencing Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, who was again suspended from Twitter this week after antisemitic posts and comments. 
Blackburn notes they were thinking more along the lines of inflation and crime – though Walker is more concerned about “vampires, werewolves and the Geico gecko.” Worried he may deviate too far from the message, McConnell decides it best to lock Walker in what used to be his panic room for the next few days. 
“Why am I already in there?” Walker asks, looking inside. 
“That’s a mirror, Herschel,” McConnell explains. In the end, Walker is all set: He spots some Lunchables in the room and happily strolls in. 
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Later in the episode, “Weekend Update” co-host Colin Jost made another joke at Walker’s expense.
“The Georgia Senate runoff set records for early voting,” he began. “Herschel Walker has always urged voters to take care of voting early, before it becomes a problem.” 
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Tuesday’s runoff contest is between Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Walker. 
While Democrats have been guaranteed control of the Senate, they have an opportunity to expand their majority after outperforming expectations in the Nov. 8 elections. Both Warnock and Walker failed to earn more than 50% of the vote in Georgia’s general election, triggering a runoff election Tuesday between only the two candidates. 
Keke Palmer made her hosting debut on Saturday – with musical guest SZA – and dropped a major bombshell during her opening monologue: She’s pregnant with her first child. 
“People have been in my comments saying, ‘Keke’s having a baby,’ ‘Keke’s pregnant,’ ” the 29-year-old entertainer said. “And I want to set the record straight: I am.” 
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