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The world has undergone a paradigm change from analog to digital in recent years. As more individuals consume all types of information online, digital marketing has become the most effective approach to reach out to a target demographic. Many digital institutes fail to comprehend that digital marketing is such a complex topic that it cannot be learned using the traditional theory method.
Skill Circle is one of the few organizations that understand how to properly educate digital marketing.
Most candidates, according to Mr. Shivam Ahuja, founder of Skill Circle, lack the skill set required to work in a digital environment. The talent set cultivated by institutes and the skillset demanded by the digital industries has always been vastly different.
Skill Circle’s flawless teaching technique, the LAE (Learn, Apply, and Evaluate), has successfully filled this void. This strategy stresses acquiring digital skills from industry experts, applying what they’ve learned to real-world brands through presentations and assignments, and having their work evaluated by those same experts.
This strategy has aided their pupils in developing into future skilled professionals and in recognizing the practical obstacles of putting their new talents into practice.
Skill Circle is a digital marketing institute located in Connaught Place, New Delhi that is modeled after an agency. Their classrooms are quite attractive, and they have created a picture-perfect portrayal of a student-friendly environment.
Over the last 7 years, they’ve taught over 15,000 students in Digital Marketing and placed them in the best Digital Marketing businesses in Delhi.

Skill Circle Faculty
Skill Circle features some of the greatest digital marketing training teachers available. The course is taught by industry specialists with years of expertise in Digital Marketing. In the previous seven years, they have trained nearly 15,000 pupils.
Courses offered by Skill Circle
3 Months
(Foundation Programme)
Mode — Online + Offline
5 Months
(Skill Degree Programme)
Mode — Online + Offline
7 Months
(Masters in Digital Marketing)
Mode — Online + Offline
11 Months
(Diploma in Digital Marketing)
Mode — Online + Offline
Skill Circle Syllabus
Offline course Syllabus
Executive Skills:

Managerial Skills:
Skill Circle Placements
Skill Circle is a training institute in the Agency model. They assist their students in obtaining 100% placement assurance with companies such as Cashkaro, OYO, Accenture, Indiamart, Scoop whoop, and many others. Internships and capstone projects are available to students.
Examine the Skill Circle Snapshot
Skill Circle is an excellent digital skills school that achieves the objectives of the courses offered. We can say that their courses are up to industry requirements.
The following are some of the key points based on our observations:
Trainers with a high profile — Skill Circle’s faculty includes the founders, co-founders, and executives of India’s largest digital agencies. Their knowledge has assisted Skill Circle students in shaping themselves as future working professionals.
Industry exposure — Using the curriculum framework and the faculty, they provide their students with case study-based industry information in addition to the theory.
Course Package — They provide a 7-month comprehensive course for those who want to study the fundamentals of digital marketing or specialize, as well as certificate courses for people who want to take only one module.
Rich website — Their website not only contains course material but also writes about various digital trends. Furthermore, their information portal includes the greatest digital methods developed by its pupils.
Limited Enrollment — Unlike other Indian programs, Skill Circle limits the number of students in each session to no more than 20 to preserve the student-teacher ratio.
These distinguishing features set Skill Circle apart from the competitors in New Delhi.
They are now located in Connaught Place, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we start hearing their name all around the nation shortly. As a result, I would suggest Skill Circle to any student who is interested in learning a digital skill shortly.
If you want to apply at Skill Circle, please contact them using the details below.
Website —
Contact No: 9899140180
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