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Douglas – Isle of Man, Dec. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — To help market researchers, analysts, industry professionals, and enterprises uncover market trends, growth drivers, constraints, hurdles, and projections, Douglas Insights has further enhanced its comparison engine with reports on robotic process automation. Douglas Insights is amongst the world’s first comparison engines serving as a digital platform that gives analysts access to the broadest selection of market reports, including both public and private market research reports, and allows users to compare them by price, date of publication, table of contents and Publisher Rating. 
This market’s expansion is attributable to rising corporate process automation demand, rising acceptance of cutting-edge technologies to fuel the need for robotic process automation products, and rising RPA development to meet shifting customer preferences. However, the concern of data vulnerability is preventing the banking sector from using robotic process automation technologies. Additionally, the market participants in this space should benefit greatly from the rising need for robotic process automation in the BPO and logistics industries. However, one of the main restraints to the development of this business is a lack of understanding of robotic process automation. 
Businesses need robotic process automation to handle complex datasets and fully automate most business processes. Businesses are combining RPA with AI and cognitive technology to expand the capabilities of automated business processes. These tools keep track of employee activity, pinpoint appropriate workflows, and suggest an automated path for businesses. For instance, in May 2020, AntWork unveiled ANTstein, a solution that integrates machine learning, RPA, and AI, RPA. The utilisation of bots is maximised thanks to automation technologies, which also offer insights into various types of data, building, and data curation. 
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Several businesses all over the world were adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the disruption of distribution networks and workforce restrictions brought on by the worldwide lockdowns, numerous industries suffered. A number of businesses were negatively impacted by factory closures and restrictions on trade that added to the already difficult situation. Due to the closure of manufacturing operations, there was a significant disparity between supply and demand. Acute labour constraints, project suspensions and cancellations, and disruptions in logistics and supply are all happening in the global construction and infrastructure industries. 
Among the upcoming RPA trends that get the most attention is the decrease in paperwork. Advanced robots are becoming increasingly common in RPA for digital data retrieval, archiving, and analysis. Pre-programmed robots can increase productivity for routine paperwork tasks while reducing paperwork. Such developments would boost the market for robotic process automation globally. 
In the upcoming years, there are anticipated to be several market expansion prospects due to the growing integration of RPA with cutting-edge solutions like ML, AI, and cloud computing. Additionally, RPA with AI integration will enhance the business process reliability, efficiency, and flexibility. Additionally, it will do away with the need for people present in the office operations of numerous businesses, including healthcare, insurance, banking, and BPO. Consequently, this will fuel overall growth over the upcoming years. 
Globally, it is predicted that the North American market will hold the greatest share of robotic process automation. The significant market share is mostly attributable to the widespread adoption of automation and operational process solutions by businesses and governmental organisations. Due to increased awareness about how to improve many business operations, including data input, record keeping, procurement specifics, accounting/finance, and several other HR-related functions, RPA is also becoming more popular amongst SMEs within the region. 
Due to expanding product use in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, information technology, telecommunications, retail, and manufacturing industries, the Asia Pacific region is anticipated to have the quickest growth over the projection period. The desire for robotics to be employed for a variety of tasks in businesses is rising, and machine learning and artificial intelligence breakthroughs are also contributing to this growth in robotic process automation.
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