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With Qatar 2022 fast approaching, it is necessary to start ticking off tasks on the to-do list. One of them is to ensure that the accommodation we are going to book is safe and reliable. These are the requirements to book your accommodation with the official agency of the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

In Qatar 2022, on the pitch, memorable battles will be fought for soccer glory. However, before the tournament kicks off, there are already some duels being fought; the protagonists of these are the fans, who are fighting for tickets and accommodation to ensure the best of experiences. 
 The eyes of the world will be focused on the Middle East for the first time for the biggest party soccer has to offer. From November 20 to December 18, the only thing that will be talked about are the stories that 22 athletes will tell as they battle it out for a ball.
However, to make this possible required years of preparation and work for the organizing committee; and months of planning, patience and perseverance on the part of the fans seeking to attend Qatar 2022. Below, discover the requirements so that you can secure your accommodation with the official agency as soon as possible.
The only place with the label of official accommodation agency is the one managed by the organizing committee. On their official website you can find, in addition to the various accommodation options, all kinds of information about how to enjoy an unforgettable experience at the upcoming FIFA World Cup.
Qatar 2022 offers a wide range of accommodation options. From the most exotic and luxurious to the most adventurous and youthful experience. All with the guarantee that those fans who choose them will have all the security conditions and seriousness that a world-class tournament deserves.
The options available are the spectacular Cruise Ship Hotels, where fans staying in them will enjoy the lullaby of the waters that bathe the port of Doha. The traditional hotels with their varied room types, ranging from 3 to 5 stars. The Apartments & Villas that guarantee the feeling of being at home in the heart of Qatar 2022, and the Fan Village, which promises a unique experience of coexistence and cultural exchange.
With the start of the upcoming FIFA World Cup approaching at a very fast pace, this is a question that every fan who wants to attend this tournament is asking. The anxiety of knowing that everything is ready and just waiting for the opening whistle to start enjoying is something latent. 
The good news is that since the beginning of April it is already possible to book accommodation in three of the four options offered by the official agency of Qatar 2022. Cruise Ship Hotel, Hotel, and Apartment & Villas are those reservations that can be made now. Only the Fan Village remains a mystery as to its features, price and availability.
This is where the hurdles appear. Although there is availability of accommodation in most of the options available in the official agency of the upcoming FIFA World Cup, only those fortunate enough to have a Ticket Application validated, i.e. whose request to purchase tickets has been accepted, or who have already purchased tickets, may proceed to book accommodation. 
The Ticket Application Number Validation will determine the number of rooms that can be reserved, in order to offer a lodging opportunity to all those who have tickets for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. In most of the lodging options of the official agency, the minimum number of nights to be reserved is two, although this depends on the matches you have tickets to attend.
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