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The Investors’ Corner is our latest web series spotlighting the stories of African-focused investors and how they make investments on the continent.
With the Investors’ Corner Series, we will go behind the scenes to share with you the stories of African-focused investors and how they make investments on the continent.
Investor’s Corner is our latest online series and the third in our line-up.
As a media publication, we are focused on telling stories about the startup ecosystem we are a part of. The ecosystem is made up of three major stakeholders: entrepreneurs (founding startups), talents (working at startups) and investors (funding startups). So far, we have covered the first two stakeholders with our Zero to Scale and Under the Hoodie series. And this time around, we will be sharing our conversations with investors in a new series titled “The Investors” Corner (TIC)”.
African startups are thriving—major thanks to the funding boom. For instance, they have raised more in each of the first five months this year than in the same months in the past four years.
Expectedly, we get to watch shows and listen to podcasts about startup founders and operators on what they are building.
Yet, little is known about the humans leading investment vehicles to invest in these startups. This year alone, over 310 investors have been active on the continent doing deals worth approximately $3 billion in more than 300 startups.
The Investor’s Corner aims to play a part in closing the information gap. We traverse the continent–from Lagos to Nairobi to Cape Town–in search of leading African investors to get their thoughts on:
So, everyone—founders, other investors (GPs & LPs), tech enthusiasts and observers— interested in the investment landscape on the African continent should pay attention to this series as we have a great line-up in Jake Kendall, Lexi Novitske.
We will publish a new episode of The Investors’ Corner (TIC) bi-weekly on Saturdays by 8:00 AM (WAT). This season of TIC is done in partnership with and anchored by Jeremiah Ajayi, a Content Marketer for SaaS and VC.
You can contribute in two ways. One, let us know which investor you’d like us to feature. Two, give feedback and public praise for the episodes that you connect with.
If you’d like to partner with us to create other formats of this content, please reach out to [email protected][dot]com. is an Independent media publication delivering impressive reporting about tech, startups and entrepreneurship in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.
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