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29/01/2023 – 02/02/2023
21/02/2023 – 24/02/2023
Sheila Long O’Mara//Executive Editor, Furniture Today//August 30, 2022
Hunting for ways to boost your social media presence? This mattress brand is ready to help
Sheila Long O’Mara//Executive Editor, Furniture Today//August 30, 2022
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – In a move designed to help boost its retail partners’ social media and marketing prowess, bedding supplier Mlily USA has developed an easy-to-use guide that offers how-tos and best practices for establishing a vibrant social media presence.
The complimentary guide offers instructions for setting up a social media profile, creating and sharing posts, and tagging. It covers four of the most widely used social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
“Social media is an essential part of retail businesses to reach a vast audience, increase brand awareness and attract new customers,” said Ryan Farber, vice president of marketing. “Our primary goal with the social media guide is to support our retailers and meet them where they are. When it comes to social media, most of us, from novice to expert, can use support because it evolves quickly, and every channel has its own set of features and nuances.”
Available through Mlily’s partner portal as an interactive PDF, the guide includes a section on brand terminology, materials and technology, as well as access to other resources such as product information and visual assets.
Farber said the idea was derived from the company’s sales and marketing teams that were spending time explaining the benefits of social media and the impact it could have on business.
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