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Founded in 1997 by American entrepreneurs Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, Netflix, or in full Netflix, Inc. is a media-streaming and video-rental company with corporate headquarters in Los Gatos, California. One of the first streaming services available as an app on different devices, Netflix moved beyond web browsers in 2008, partnering with companies to stream on Xbox 360, Blu-ray disc players, and TV set-top boxes. 
In 2009, Netflix was featured on the PS3 and smart TVs, and by 2010, Netflix rounded the bases for streaming devices. It launched on Apple’s iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Nintendo Wii, and more. The first true international streaming service of its kind, Netflix is now a staple in most countries all around the world.
The most popular streaming service with a plethora of iconic original movies and shows, Netflix, is getting more popular than ever, with its latest shows like Wednesday and Stranger Things. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about the platform!
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Q1.  What was the most popular Netflix movie in 2021? 
a) Heathers
b) 10 Things I hate about you
c) Clueless
d) Cry Baby
Answer: Clueless
Q2. What was the most popular TV series in 2021? 
a) Stranger Things
b) Wednesday
c) Sex Education
d) Never Have I Ever 
Answer: 13 Reasons Why
Q3. Which region has the largest Netflix library in 2022? 
a) India
b) Slovakia
c) United States
d) Bangladesh
Answer: Slovakia

Q4.  Netflix has produced over how many original titles since it began producing original content in 2013? 
b) 1,500
d) 50,000
Answer: 1,500
Q5.Netflix’s first true original show was award-winning. What was the name of this show? 
a) Knives Out
b) House Of Cards
c) To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
d) Kissing Booth
Answer:  House of Cards.
Q6. When was Netflix launched? 
a) 2000
b) 2022
c) 1970
d) 1997
Answer: 1997
Q7. What is Netflix’s most streamed show in 2022?
a) Wednesday
b) Stranger Things
c) Squid Games
d) Bridgerton
Answer: Stranger Things
Q8. What is Netflix’s best original series?
a) Squid Game
b) All of Us are Dead
c) The Crown
d) Manifest
Answer: Squid Game
Q9. Where is Netflix most popular?
a) Canada 
b) Spain
c) The United States
d) France
Answer: The United States
Q10. When did Netflix introduce a streaming-only plan that offered unlimited streaming service but no DVDs?
a) 2015
b) 2010
c) 1999
d) 1980
Answer: 2010 

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Netflix began offering an online subscription service through the Internet. 
Netflix launched the $1 million Netflix Prize contest to see if anyone could improve by 10 percent its recommendation system
Netflix began offering subscribers the option to stream some of its movies and television shows directly to their homes through the Internet.
Netflix introduced a streaming-only plan that offered unlimited streaming service but no DVDs.
its streaming service was available in more than 190 countries.
It also produced numerous movies like Roma, which won three Academy Award.
its streaming services became the biggest revenue generator—with more than 200 million subscribers
Such content became a major focus of Netflix, and by the end of 2021, it had offered more than 2,400 original titles. Its notable series included Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Stranger Things, Narcos, The Crown, Bridgerton, and Squid Game.
Netflix is available worldwide except for a select few countries
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