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Friends’ Christmas episodes are iconic. And with the festive season here, these quotes definitely bring the holiday feels for fans!
For almost 28 years now, Friends has been the go-to feel-good sitcom, especially around the holiday season. The show’s most famous moments revolve around celebrations, whether its Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, or New Year's Eve. Almost every season had an episode that gathered the group of six inseparable friends around Monica’s famously neat Christmas tree, sharing sweet moments, funny banter, and even hilarious fights.
The best Christmas episodes bring up memorable quotes and sayings that include Chandler and Joey’s funny jokes, Ross’s hilarious situations, Phoebe’s usual oddness, and Monica and Rachel’s witty sarcasm.
Who could ever forget the scene where Ross shows up in the most unpredictable costume to celebrate Christmas with his son when all the usual Santa costumes were supposedly sold out. In true Friends hilarity, Ross appears dressed as a giant armadillo.
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Laughs aside, the importance of this quote lies deeper in its revelations about Ross and Ben’s relationship, with Ross trying to build a closer relationship with his son and find a way to teach him about both Christmas and Hanukah, even if it means making a fool of himself in an off-topic costume.
Piggybacking off Ross’s quote, Chandler’s comeback to himself dressed as Santa and Ross dressed as an armadillo is unforgettable. The fact that they are both in costumes, in the same room, trying to explain the unexplainable situation to Ben, only adds to the hilarious scene.
The absurd setting makes for even more laughs. It goes to speak to the sitcom’s usual funny moments, but also to the involvement of the entire group in Ben’s life, and their equal feeling of responsibility when it comes to experiencing life and occasions with him.
This episode sure did bring out the most notable Christmas sayings of the characters. Chandler dressed as Santa has to return the costume on a deadline, but not before throwing in this hilarious line.
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The song is famous of course, and the lyrics to "'Twas the Night before Christmas" are well-known. However, Chandler gave the sentence a hilarious ring to it that one cannot help but hear in his voice and picture him in the costume, disappointed at having to give it back.
The group of six always celebrated together, but it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Most holidays, they were faced with unexpected situations, sometimes last-minute guests, and hilarious circumstances that brought them together around the infamous kitchen table and mismatched chairs of Monica’s home.
In this episode, each of the friends had special plans for Thanksgiving. But thanks to Rachel’s infamous failed “choo choo choo” skiing, Ross and Monica’s canceled family plans, and Joey’s fake STD billboard, they ended up all together instead, and ultimately wishing for a “lousy” Christmas that may turn out good, as long as they spend it together.
In “The One where Rachel Quits,” Joey gets a job selling Christmas trees, and Phoebe is appalled thinking it is a crime against the trees and Joey is complicit in their massacre.
Every fan is used to Phoebe’s quirks, and her love of all things nature is not at all outside of her comfort zone. So her infamous saying that she’s against cutting trees in their prime like they are some sort of teenagers blooming makes the cut of memorable Friends Christmas quotes. And who can forget her horrified face when the tree went through the chipper, which couldn’t help but look hilarious.
The group may constantly tease each other, but in the end, they’re always there for each other, no matter what. This episode, everyone stood by Phoebe after she witnessed the “tree massacre” and ended up buying all the old Christmas trees and setting them up as a surprise in Monica’s apartment.
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The scene is very touching, as it speaks to the depth of the group’s friendship and how they never judge each other, no matter one’s logic or reason. Nevertheless, no scene goes without a laughter out loud and this one had Chandler dropping “it’s like night of the living dead… Christmas trees” to end the emotional moment with an inevitable laugh.
Friends best holiday episodes bring out the Christmas vibes anytime of the year. But the closer to the holidays, the more the hype is real. And Phoebe’s famous greeting makes it all the more jolly.
In search for her father in “The One with Phoebe’s Dad,” she doesn’t fail to set the tone for the audience and for years to come that Christmas doesn’t only have to be the eve and the day of. With her now well-known “happy Christmas Eve Eve” wish, she allowed millions of Christmas enthusiasts to expand their holiday to the days before the actual celebration.
Most seasons of Friends have holiday episodes, and there’s always time for jokes and witty banter about the holiday, especially between Chandler and Joey. This hilarious quote is made even funnier because it’s Joey saying it, when Joey isn’t usually famous for such literary or antiquated quips.
It’s only natural that Chandler comes back with “That’s why geese are so relaxed this time of year” to balance Joey’s poetic moment with a laugh. The quote reminds fans how the friends know each other well, which makes their back-and-forth in jokes so seamless.
In “The One with the Routine,” the opening scene shows Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Rachel decorating Monica’s tree on one side in the most childish ways, while Monica works on the back.
In a sweet moment, she tells her friends this bit of wisdom, which is true to some extent, as Monica ends up twisting the tree and hiding their work. But them decorating it together speaks to how much she loves her friends to move past her extreme control and allow them to pitch in.
With the heat cranked up a notch too high, and Rachel and Monica unable to fix it, the apartment turns into “tropical hot” rather than “comfortably warm” until Joey eventually fixes it with ease, way after the party ends.
In true Rachel witty sarcasm, she ends up greeting their guests with these now legendary words, inviting everyone to basically strip to feel comfortable. The fun in this lies in how Rachel always finds a sarcastic way to describe less than ideal situations, turning them into funny moments instead.
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