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Season 2 Part 1 ended on a cliffhanger and left us with several questions we need answered before the Netflix series concludes.
Editor's Note: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 Part 1 of Firefly Lane.The first half of Firefly Lane Season 2 finally clarified why Kate Mularkey (Sarah Chalke) is no longer friends with Tully Hart (Katherine Heigl). However, those nine episodes have also introduced several other questions fans will have to wait until 2023 to clarify. Netflix hasn't specifically announced a release date for Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 2, but here are seven questions fans will be wondering about until the final episodes come out.
After noticing a strange rash, Kate consults with a doctor who tells her she has a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. Devastated by the news, Kate arrives at Tully's penthouse apartment to tell her about her cancer diagnosis in the final moments of Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 1. But she's too late — Tully has already left to film a documentary in Antarctica. Considering the technology available to Kate in the early 2000s, she could likely fill Tully in on her diagnosis via text message. But Tully was excited about going off the grid for several months while working on this project. Will she get the news about Kate's diagnosis before it's too late?
Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 1 clarifies why Kate is so mad at Tully — their friendship ends after Tully and Kate's daughter Marah (Yael Yurman) get into a car accident. Not only was Kate furious with Tully for letting Marah go out in the first place, but Tully also picked Marah up while drunk.
Whether Kate and Tully make up before the conclusion of Firefly Lane relies heavily on how and when Tully learns about Kate's cancer diagnosis. The first half of season 2 hinted at both women considering making up at different times, so the idea is definitely on their minds. Now, time is a factor. Kate or Tully will have to decide to reach out and express their desire to move on and be friends again before it's too late.
In the first half of Firefly Lane Season 2, Kate and Johnny (Ben Lawson) break up. She starts dating a British man named Theo (Oliver Rice), and, though he's not as rough in the bedroom as Kate would prefer, Theo's nice, and they have a lot in common. Their relationship won't turn into a forever thing — we already know Kate ends up married to and divorced from then later engaged again to Johnny — but she can't pass up the opportunity when Theo invites her to Europe for the summer.
An unemployed Kate agrees to the trip but hesitates when Johnny shows up at her and Tully's apartment with the glasses wipes she likes so much. The wipes are Johnny's way of telling Kate he made a mistake letting her go, but when he returns to the apartment to make a grander gesture, he's too late. Kate's gone off to Europe with Theo.
How does this trip go? Does their relationship last for the duration of the trip? Or does something happen that causes the end of Theo and Kate? Moreover, how long will it take for Kate to get back with Johnny once she returns from Europe?
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Despite their divorce, Kate is there for Johnny after he gets injured in a bombing on assignment in Iraq. Johnny lives with Kate and Marah for months while he heals physically and mentally. They both date other people during this time, but eventually, Johnny and Kate realize they're still in love.
After multiple attempts to re-propose to Kate, she finally accepts his offer as they decorate the Christmas tree in the first half of season 2. Will Kate's cancer diagnosis speed their wedding plans up?
Tully's past relationships haven't lasted, but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to settle down with someone. Her longest relationship is the on-again-off-again thing she has had for years with Dan "The Weatherman" (Ignacio Serricchio), who she previously worked with at KPOC. Dan pursued Tully for years but eventually started dating someone else, though he maintained a friendship with Tully.
The teaser for the second half of season 2 shows Tully getting married. Does this mean Tully will finally get her happy ending? Johnny appears in the clip wearing a tux, but that doesn't mean he and Tully end up together after Kate's death. He could be the one who walks Tully down the aisle since her biological father is dead, or Johnny could be officiating the ceremony. Regardless, will this white wedding be what Tully has always dreamed of?
Tully's mother Cloud (Beau Garrett) wasn't the best parent throughout her childhood, but the reformed hippie comes around in Firefly Lane Season 2. She's there for Tully after her car accident and DUI and even opens up about Tully's biological father. Regardless of their past, Tully gives Cloud another chance. The two don't have a traditional mother-daughter relationship, but they're on friendly terms by the time the first half of the season ends. Will their rekindled relationship be able to withstand Tully's trip to Antarctica?
Tully's career has been on the rocks since she broke her contract and quit The Girlfriend Hour. Eventually, Tully regained some popularity by sharing videos online in the form of The Girlfriend Minute and making a documentary about who her biological father is. However, the DUI she received after picking Marah up from the frat party caused her public image to plummet again.
Will Tully be able to regain her status as a successful journalist in the final episodes of Firefly Lane? The project she's working on in Antarctica could help with that, but she could also pivot and do some medical reporting on rare cancers like her friend Kate's.
Part 2 of Firefly Lane can't come soon enough. Stream the first half of season 2 on Netflix.


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