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FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition offers a more premium experience to players compared to the Standard version of the game. While it certainly costs more to acquire, it also comes with interesting additions that can help players kickstart their in-game journey.
EA Sports has continued with the same pattern as last year by offering two different editions of the game. One offers the base game with a few goodies, which are ideal for casual players. Another, the Ultimate Edition, offers a much more hardcore experience at a higher cost for those who want to take things to the next level.
With pre-orders still available, let’s find out what perks a player will get by buying the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition. There are several advantages, including an early access period, that will be of special interest.
The first big advantage of FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition is its early access; in other words, the more expensive edition has an earlier release date.
The Standard version releases worldwide on September 30 or October 1, depending on the region. But, all Ultimate Edition owners can jump into the game 72 hours earlier than the full release.
The early release doesn’t mean that the experience will be limited in any way. Players will have complete access to the game, including all modes – single and multiplayer. It’s an excellent chance if they wish to get a headstart over those who will begin their journey three days later.
Early access is one of many features that players will obtain in-game. The extra content comes at a price, and players must spend $99.99 to get the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition. This price is the same for everyone, irrespective of whether they own a current or old-gen system.
The Standard Edition costs $59.99 if one opts for the old-gen version. This comes with the same modes but will miss out on features like HyperMotion 2, which are added to this year’s title. The current-gen version will contain all of those and will cost $69.99. It should be noted that PC players can enjoy regional pricing on Epic Games Store and Steam, which could reduce the price.
Aside from early access, players will get 4,600 FIFA points, which is the premium currency in the game. Getting the same amount from the in-game store costs much more than the $30-$40 a buyer has to pay for the Ultimate Edition. These are valuable resources for anyone who wants to progress deep into the Ultimate Team mode.
The FIFA points that come with the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition work like standalone purchases, so players can use them as they deem fit. That’s not all as there are more goodies like the Untradable Ones to Watch (OTW) card, for example.
Those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition before August 28 will also receive an untradable FUT World Cup Heroes card on November 11.
Overall, the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition is a good bargain for hardcore players, especially if they’re in Ultimate Team mode. For fans of the career mode, it’s more of a luxury than a necessity. They can also enjoy a 10-hour trial with their EA Play subscription.
The EA Play trial will also start at the same time the game launches for Ultimate Edition owners. Players will be able to keep their progression if they decide to convert their trial into a full purchase, and will be eligible for an additional 10% discount on the total price.
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