Cinderella Castle Dream Lights at Magic Kingdom Will Not Return for 2022 Holiday Season – WDW News Today

The classic Castle Dream Lights will not be illuminating Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom this year.
The lights, which gave the castle the illusion of being covered in snow and icicles, are not listed among Walt Disney World’s other holiday offerings.
This year’s release notes the return of projection effects first introduced in 2020 and augmented last year with the Beacon of Magic projections, stating “On nights when Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is not held, Cinderella Castle transforms to take on a magical holiday look complete with special projection effects, festive colors and a rotating series of designs including a whimsical Christmas sweater, a jeweled castle look and more.”
The Dream Lights were not set to return this year due to the decor strewn about Cinderella Castle for the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration, but we do not expect them to return next year following the conclusion of The World’s Most Magical Celebration either.
You can watch the holiday version of the Beacon of Magic show below.
Are you disappointed to see the Dream Lights gone again this year? Let us know in the comments below.
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Really, really disapointed!!!!!!
Why do you expect them not to return next year when the 50th decorations are gone?
Because people have generally liked the projections and they threw away the lights.
I was hoping we’d have them back this year since the Christmas Party is returning , so bummed they won’t be part of the celebration. They really make the castle look magical!! I always wonder who makes these final decisions that keep changing the look and feel of Disney World. Maybe next year!
I am very very disappointed!!!!
The dream lights on the castle were one of the things I loved to see every year. Put me in the holiday spirit.
Bob Cheapskate strikes again
Saddened, of course! Shocked, no…just yet another way Bob Paycheck continues to destroy the parks and anything else he can!!! I’m truly sick to my stomach. I used to vacation exclusively at WDW but that’s all done now. I have no intentions of returning to anything Disney!! They’ve destroyed everything. Such a dang shame!!
The Dream Lights were on of the main reasons I planned a Holiday trip this year. VERY DISAPPOINTED ☹️ Another disappointing thing WDW has done and continues to do. After well over a hundred visits to the Parks this may be my LAST.
The icicle lights are prettier, but I understand why they go with cheaper projections.
The Dream Lights brought goose bumps every year. I am really disappointed they ate changing this.
Yet another piece of Disney magic and nostalgia gone. Thanks, Disney.
I am very disappointed. I planned the dates for my trip from Oregon just to see it all decorated for Christmas and was very excited to see all the lights 😩😢. I’ve seen Disneylands castle decorated with the lights and it’s beautiful so I was super excited to see cinderellas castle. Ugh!!! I’m glad I read this and found out now before being disappointed after I got there 😢😫😢😫.
Yes I’m very sad to see them go. That was a great holiday decor to look forward to. Seeing the lights on the castle.
Loved this feature, sad they aren’t going to be using it any longer.
Wow. Disney cheaps out again. Surprise. They have pretty much taken everything away. Pretty sure they’re going to ruin Happily Ever After too. It’s getting to where I don’t miss going anymore.
Really disappointed! Where is Christmas spirit ???
How come? Everything went back to normal at Disneyland last year; the castle was decorated for Christmas & they’ve already started on it this year. All our shows & parades are back too. It seems there would be more of a shortage of staff at Disneyland, given how expensive it is to live there. Maybe it’s because you need more cast members to run WDW.
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