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Chinese New Year is the festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. The celebrations traditionally last about two weeks in total, from Chinese New Year’s Eve to the Lantern Festival, held on the 15th day of the lunar year.  From giving red pockets as gifts to reunion dinner, the Chinese Lunar Year is all about customary practices and traditions which are being followed by the Hua people for ages. Chinese New Year 2022 Traditions: Importance Of New Clothes And Red Pockets, CNY Rituals And Customs That You Must Know.
Are you still stuck in the loop of humdrum Happy New Year greetings for the new year? If yes, then this article will give your a plethora of distinct options by which you can spread the new year’s prosperity around. We have made a list of festive phrases and lines for the Chinese Lunar Year greetings in the Mandarin language. As Mandarin is the official standard language of China and the most commonly spoken dialect. Apart from Xīn Nián Kuài Lè! (Happy New Year!), there is an array of New Year greetings. Let us see the options: Chinese New Year 2022 Lucky Food: From Spring Rolls to Longevity Noodles, 5 Cuisines To Make During Reunion Dinner For Glad Tidings And Good Fortune (Watch Videos).

  • Gōng hè xīn xǐ means Good luck in the year ahead!
  • cái yuán guǎng jìn, this phrase means wish you have fortune from wide resources.
  • Gong Hei Fa Choi means Happy New Year in Cantonese.
  • Nián nián yǒu yú in English means “May you have abundance every year” and is said when you want to wish somebody a prosperous year ahead.
  •  Hǔ hǔ shēng wēi, this line means “Wishing you the fullness of the vigor and vitality of the tiger”, as 2022 is the Year of the Tiger.
  • rú hǔ tiān yì means “Wishing you’re like a tiger with wings”.
  • wàn shì rú yì is pronounced as wann-shrr roo-ee and it means May all go well with you!
  • dà jí dà lì which is said as “daa-jee daa-lee”  and Lots of luck and profits in English. Lucky Fruits For Chinese New Year 2022: From Sugarcanes To Apples, 5 Fruits That Will Boost Your Wealth And Attract Good Luck And Chi Energy.

While Lunar New Year is celebrated in many different countries, Chinese New Year celebrations specifically incorporate lots of Chinese cultural elements. Jot down these wishes and send them to your friends and beloved ones to celebrate the Spring Festival 2022!
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