Chiba farmers ship 'ping-pong mums' for New Year – NHK WORLD

Flower growers near Tokyo are busy shipping ball-shaped chrysanthemum flowers known as "ping-pong mums" for use as New Year decorations.
Chiba Prefecture is the second largest area of flower cultivation in Japan. Farmers start to ship the blooms in December.
The chrysanthemum has been considered since ancient times to bring happiness and prosperity because it lasts for a long time. It is popular in Japan as a floral New Year decoration.
Farmer Hirayama Kiyomi grows about 80,000 flowers and cuts those that are 70 percent in bloom for shipping. Those flowers will be at their best over New Year.
Hirayama said that he wants to produce flowers that will soothe people's minds and spirits. He added that "it would be wonderful if the beauty of flowers helps make people's wishes for a Happy New Year come true."
The chrysanthemums can be enjoyed for about a month after reaching full bloom.


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