Brazil vs Argentina: Why was the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier cancelled? – Bolavip

Argentina and Brazil had to play the second game that was pending in the Conmebol qualifiers, however, it was finally suspended. Here we tell you the reasons.

For the Matchday 6 of the Conmebol qualifiers, Argentina had to visit Brazil, to play the game that was pending, although finally both Court for Arbitration of Sport and the soccer regulatory organizations of both Argentina and Brazil decided to suspend the match. Here we tell you the reasons why this decision was made.
This game has undoubtedly been chaotic. It seems incredible, but it was postponed twice, and it was finally cancelled. This story began in 2020, with the Covid-19 Pandemic that forced the cancellation of several sporting events and the postponement of others. That was what happened with Matchday 5 and 6 of the Conmebol qualifiers. After this first postponement, a second would come, although this one was quite embarrassing.
The Brazilian authorities had warned that Argentine players who played in the Premier League could not participate in the game because the United Kingdom was considered a high-risk country. But instead of suspending the game before it started, 4 minutes were played and finally it was stopped, in what was undoubtedly a circus staging of the Brazilian authorities entering the middle of the field to stop the match.
FIFA wanted the game to be played in September, something that made no sense as both countries were qualified in first and second place, and whatever the result, that would not change, nor would it affect any of the other South American team. FIFA initially fined the soccer bodies of both countries and demanded that the game be played. 
The Brazilian federation and the Argentine federation took the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, where the three parties agreed, with good judgment, to cancel it. The coaches of Brazil and Argentina, Tite and Scaloni, agreed that the risks of injury and suspension were too high, especially considering how close the Qatar World Cup is.

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