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My Christmas and New Year’s wish is one of heartfelt hope for future peace and happiness for every celebrating soul alive. To stay alive through the 2019 Christmas holiday celebrations and while ringing in the New Year, I offer my “stay alive” prescription:
Enjoy your family and collection of friends, not with intemperance but with good judgment when toasting Christmas cheer and New Year effervescence. If your planned festivities take you out of your home and literally onto the street scene, there are alternatives available to get you back home again without getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after indulgence of holiday spirit. 
Tri Eagle Sales, our north and central Florida Budweiser distributor, partners with Yellow Cab each holiday season to transport those who might be a little too happy. 
Brittany Foster, dedicated to helping people understand the importance of their cautionary message not to drink and drive, is Tri Eagles marketing and communications manager, and wants to remind everyone of the Anheuser-Busch Budweiser “Drink Wiser” campaign and to plan ahead for a safe ride home.
Should you find yourself in need, just ask the restaurant or bar host/ hostess, that provides Anheuser-Busch products, for a free “ride home voucher,” call Yellow Cab, 850-999-9999, let them know you have a voucher, tell them where you are and where you live and they will get you home safely.
Foster and I work together through IMPAACT, my Teen Driver Safety project, to help everyone get the message: being responsible when consuming alcoholic beverages save lives. You may also receive $10 off a Lyft ride home by using code: DRINKWISERFL19. The message is the same, the result is obvious, driving a car while under the influence, gets people killed.
I have not heard from the city whether they will run the downtown trolley during the holidays, but you might want to check with Star Metro about that option. The trolley lunch service has ended for the season however the Friday and Saturday night trolley which runs between 4:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. apparently is available.
That doesn’t help with the 2019 Wednesday Christmas parties or the Tuesday New Year’s Eve celebrations, however check it out and see if the trolley will be online for the holidays. Also remember the designated driver option. Of course, you can be responsible so you won’t need a ride home.
Interesting news from the AAA Auto Club. The legalization of marijuana has resulted in increased traffic deaths caused by operating a motor vehicle after consuming THC. This drug, as does the drug of alcohol, has the effect of impairment. Marijuana just doesn’t have the same stigma as alcohol. Yet.
But as traffic death rates climb and more law enforcement officers carry with them a device to detect the amount of THC in a driver’s system, the understanding of consequences will become evident. No matter the choice of consumption, driving under the influence (DUI) has the same terrible outcome. Drivers killing themselves and others. 
Be smart, be wise, and be back next year.
Merry Christmas and may you enjoy a happy and prosperous New Year.
Philip Stuart ( is a retired Florida State Trooper. Send questions to


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