American Fans Give Up Thanksgiving to Travel to World Cup – Bloomberg

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Illinois’s Pension Debt Is Rising Again as Stock Rout Takes Toll
Fidelity Funds Seek to Make Bigger Bets on Individual Stocks
French Economy Clings On to Growth as Energy Concerns Mount
US Wage Growth Slows Across the Board, Indeed Index Shows
Bank of Canada to Hike Rates Again If Needed, Will Wait for Data
Carvana Pact Offers a Blueprint for Battle-Weary Debt Investors
Mr. Brainwash Puts Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari in New LA Art Show
Salesforce’s Benioff Avoids Leadership Exodus in Keynote
Son Quietly Ups SoftBank Stake to 34%, Edging Toward Buyout
The Many Ad Bans of Disney+: No Booze, No Politics, No Netflix
Germany’s Scholz Says Strong Democracy Can Thwart Extremists
EU Finds Its Russia Sanctions Largely Spared Own Economies
Bids to Dine With Investor Bill Ackman Top $25,000
Mortgage Rates Fall for a Fourth Week, Sending 30-Year to 6.33%
Awash in Illegal Marijuana, Oregon Looks At Toughening Laws
USC QB Caleb Williams Voted AP Player of the Year
Musk Loans Put Twitter in Tesla’s Driving Seat
Dynamic Scheduling Fails Companies and Workers
Don’t Let the Tripledemic Steal Christmas
The New Guard: Meet the People Changing Business, Art and Politics
The US’s New Approach to Venezuela Is Starting to Bear Fruit
Marc Benioff Is Alone Atop Salesforce After Bret Taylor’s Exit
Gen Z’s First Member of Congress Can’t Find Housing in Tough DC Rental Market
Judge Orders Release of Past Records of Club Q Shooting Suspect
Al Gore Rips Into Vanguard After Defection From Climate Group
Corteva to Boost Investment in Environmentally Friendly Crop Protection
Why Metro Atlanta Is the Poster Child for the US Housing Crisis
CDC Director Calls for Overhaul of Public Health Data Collection
The National Mall Is Hosting a Pop-Up Exhibit for New Monuments
A Handful of Simple Rules Might Have Prevented FTX’s Demise
Crypto Faithful Are Touting Benefits of Cold Wallets (Podcast)
The Vanishing of Sam Bankman-Fried’s ‘Effective Altruism’ (Podcast)
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Doha, Qatar (AP) — Hector Garcia's family had a hard time understanding his decision to travel to this year's World Cup and abandon his annual gathering of 30 family and friends.
“This would have been my 40th year cooking turkey and I gave that up to be here. It was hard," he said. “They were like: You are going to miss Thanksgiving? I’m like, well, yeah, it’s the World Cup. Not my fault they held it in the fall, the winter.”


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