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The FIFA World Cup 2022, hosted by Qatar, is just around the corner, and the world couldn’t be more excited. Football is not just a sport, it is a medium for us to share a common sentiment of joy and zest. Additionally, the Qatar World Cup holds a sentimental value as two of the most revered footballers of our generation, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, are playing their last world cup. All in all, we are all at the edge of our seats.
Now, it goes without saying that when it comes to the World Cup, the theme songs work wonders in evoking the right emotions and striking the correct chord. Here is a definitive ranking of every football World Cup theme song till date:
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বিএনপি মহাসচিব মির্জা ফখরুল ইসলাম আলমগীর ও দলটির স্থায়ী কমিটির সদস্য মির্জা আব্বাসসহ বিএনপির ৭ নেতা জামিন চেয়ে আবেদন করেছেন।


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