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Excited for winter? No. Excited about these looks? Yes.
It’s almost 2023, we’re officially tip-toeing into a (somewhat) post-pandemic world, and makeup trends are back and more exciting than ever—especially for winter. I’m talkin’ glazed and glossy lips, super-bold blush, blue eyeshadow, and more. And if you’re like me and don’t really buy into the “signature style” thing, you probably welcome the change in vibes and are already waiting to see what winter makeup trends are about to be everywhere in the coming months…which is where I come in.
From the runways of Fall/Winter 2022 fashion week to the viral TikTok makeup trends, I searched high and low to bring you some solid predictions of the makeup trends that will be filling up your feeds come November. And, in general, this winter will be all about taking your current favorites and classic holiday makeup go-tos and giving them a little update for winter 2022. Need some inspo? Ahead, 11 winter makeup trends you can expect to see all season long, plus the hero products you need to recreate them yourself.
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All my blush lovers, WYA?! High up near the temples, over the apples of the cheeks, along your cheekbones and brow bones—blush, blush, blush. Yup, heavy blush and flushed cheeks will definitely be a trend for winter 2022, so dust that blush wherever your heart desires.
My trick to getting rosy cheeks to last all day in the winter? My acne rosacea. Kidding (barely). The real key is to start with a liquid or cream blush and set it with a powder blush on top. Just make sure that both blushes are right for your skin tone, then pack ’em on and blend ’em out. This baby is so pigmented that you might not even need a powder backup, and the creamy gel blends better than the Vitamix I got for Christmas.
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Grunge makeup looks are the comeback of all ’90s comebacks (probs has something to do with all those “Teenage Dirtbag” videos), but this time around, the slept-in look has a bit more glam to it. The diffused wing on top and the heavy liner underneath the bottom lashes is the perfect New Year’s Eve makeup look since there’s a solid chance you will be sleeping in it at the end of the night anyway.
To cheat the slept-in makeup look (which, ahem, is way better for your skin), grab a blendable, long-lasting matte pencil like this one. Not only does this pencil eyeliner come in 39 different shades (you’d want the black one for this look, obvi), but it’s also super multipurpose and can be used as lip liner, a brow pencil, contour stick, and more.
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Blue eye makeup was huge on the fall/winter runways, which means you’ll continue to drool over looks like these through winter too. This iridescent, periwinkle wash of color is a less-intimidating way to take part in the blue eyeshadow trend (in case you’re getting horrible flashbacks of the powder blues in the ’00s).
It simply doesn’t get any easier nor cooler than this pot of chrome gel shadow from Danessa Myricks. All you do is swipe it on, let it dry, and let the compliments roll in. Wear it by itself, or layer it on top of another cream shadow to intensify the color.
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Complexion vibes for winter 2022 are all about super-sharp soft contour. It’s so soft and subtle that you can’t pinpoint what it is exactly, but you know it looks good. Think: strategically placed concealer in a shade that closely matches your foundation, and the same goes for contour.
Cakey makeup has a way of looking even worse in the winter on top of dry patches, so opt for a hydrating concealer that melts into the skin and has a radiant finish. This formula uses hyaluronic acid, which pulls water in and provides a temporary plumping effect as a nice little added bonus.
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We saw lots of graphic winged eyes at the Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2022 show, but this season take it a step further and experiment with liner on your lips, too. The precise, outlined wings go perfectly with the diffused lined lips you’ve been seeing all over TikTok.
First, outline your lips with your liner of choice, then slightly shade in the corners of your lips. To fade the edge of your liner into the center, use a creamy matte lipstick, like this one, and apply it only on the pillows of your lips. Use your finger to blend the two products together.
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You knew it was comin’! What is winter makeup without the classic red lip? Still, if you want to try something different than the usual, go for a dark-brick shade, instead of a cheery cherry shade of red lipstick we’ve come to expect.
You don’t normally think of the word “silky” when talking about matte lipstick (the word is more like “flakey,” am I right?), but this lipstick will change your mind, trust. You can thank the mango butter for the incredibly smooth feel your winter lips will def need.
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Part siren eyes, part smokey eyes, this winter makeup trend takes all your current favorites and melds them together to create one look you’ll want to wear all the time. Unlike the crisp lines required for a cat eye, this look features a soft, faded wing that even a beginner could attempt to DIY.
Just because you’ll be diffusing the shadow doesn’t mean you want to use a product with weak pigment. Eyeshadow palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills are known for their color payoff, and this one has all the shades you’d need to recreate the smokey siren look yourself.
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There was no shortage of lashes during shows at fashion week (peep the makeup at Brandon Maxwell Fall/Winter 2022), which could only mean one thing: They’ll be bigger than ever this season. Just like hairstyles change with the times, so do lash styles, and this winter you’ll see more of an emphasis on the outer edges for a fluttery, flared look.
You could always cut your lash strips into segments or make your own with individuals, but honestly, who has the time? This kit comes with everything you need to seamlessly blend your false lashes with your own, precut segments and all.
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No one ever talks about how hard it is to choose the right lip color to go with your eye makeup, or vice versa. Make it easy on yourself and keep it in the same fam. From the eyeshadow to the blush to the lipstick—everything matches perfectly, which is very Y2K but in a more modern way.
Swatch your chosen lip shade on your hand and find corresponding blush and shadow shades to go with it, or try this trick: Use your favorite winter lipstick as an all-in-one and apply it on your lids, lips, and cheeks for an easy monochromatic look.
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Tell me, what says “the holidays” more than Bella Hadid’s gold glitter eyeshadow and a bright-red lip? But unlike holiday looks in years past, this look is less about blinding people with loads of sparkles and more about highlighting the shape of your eye with flecks of glitter. It’s the perfect counterpart to a satin, bright-red lipstick.
Sometimes glitter shadow applies chunky, and other times it hardly shows up at all. This buildable formula allows you to customize the intensity, no makeup brushes required. Dip your (clean!) ring finger into the shadow, then dab it across your lid for a subtle look like Bella’s.
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Rhinestone eyes are still going strong for winter 2022, and mark my word, everyone will be wearing some variation of these cool-toned red lips and crystal-accented eyes soon enough. …It also doesn’t hurt that T.Swift pulled the vibe off so well.
When you want an eyeshadow that’ll give you the most depth, drama, and variety, ya gotta go with Pat McGrath. This one features metallic shadows in hard-to-find shades (as seen on Taylor) that’ll inspire you to get creative with your own embellished eye look.
Brooke Shunatona is a contributing writer at Cosmopolitan for over three years and has 10 years of experience writing about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle across print and digital, including roundups of the best makeup gift sets and the best colored eyeliners. Her winter makeup trends and product picks were based on fashion week shows, social media trends, and personal testing.


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